Frequently Asked Questions

Customer FAQs

What is eVoucherMarket.com?

eVoucherMarket.com is an online portal for user to purchase and download the discount eVouchers from various vendors. Most of the eVouchers will be FREE and some are not.

How do I use the eVoucher?

The redeem instruction, term & conditions are inside the eVocher, so you need to follow the instruction to redeem the eVoucher from the vendor.  You may contact the vendor directly regarding their eVoucher.

How do I start?

Just browse the shopping site and select the interested eVocher to put into the shopping cart, checkout, fill in the information and place the order. The eVocher will be send to the email of the user.

Can the eVoucher be used multiple times?

This depends on the eVoucher terms and condition. If not clear, you can directly contact the vendor to check.

Vendor FAQs

What is eVoucherMarket.com?

For the business vendor, eVoucherMarket is a platform to help business to improve their sales, get more customer, and get more awareness of their brand.

What is the process of create an eVoucher?

1. login to your business account

2. Create your eVoucher by fill in the required information.

3. Submit your eVoucher for approval

4. Platform admin will review your eVoucher and verify the information. Admin will either approve the eVoucher or Reject the eVoucher.

5. If the admin approve the eVoucher, then the eVoucher will be shown on the shopping site for customer to purchase and download.

What should we do when customer redeem eVoucher?

Vendor can use their smartphone QR code reader to check the customer eVoucher’s QR code. If the eVoucher is valid, then vendor can click the redeem button to confirm the redemption of the eVoucher, and give customer the agreed discount or benefit.

How do I get started?

Just sign up as a vendor, and complete the profile information. You are ready to create your eVoucher.

What will happen if my evoucher is rejected?

Platform admin will review and verify the eVoucher created by the vendor. Admin might reject the eVoucher due to various reason, and will send the response to vendor regarding their eVopucher. Vendor can review and update their voucher and submit their eVoucher for approval again.

What will happen if my eVoucher expired?

3 days before the eVoucher expires, the platform will send reminder to vendor, vendor can update their eVoucher accordingly, for example to extend the expire date. If there is no action been taken on the eVoucher, the eVoucher will be expired on the expiration date and will be removed from the shopping site. Vender still can access their expired eVoucher from the backend portal.